Exhibition Accounting Manual

You can download the full manual (710 KB) as a PDF file. Your browser may have an Acrobat plug-in that will allow you to read the manual inside the browser, but for the best results I recommend you save the file to disk and then open it with Acrobat. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can save the file by right-clicking the link and selecting Save Target As ....

To read the manual you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat. If you don't already have a copy you can download it via the Acrobat link on our links page.


Setup Windows Programs

If you haven't used the Windows programs before you must download and install this file first. It includes the necessary program components to run the Windows programs as well as stable versions of the programs themselves.

The link above is to a self-extracting ZIP file (1.3 MB). Download the file and run it from your local hard disk. When prompted for a directory for the expanded file, select the directory where your fair program is already installed. After extracting the file, you can create a shortcut to the new programs XAReports.exe and XAPosting.exe. There are instructions for creating shortcuts in the XAPosting program help file.

XAPosting includes a fairly extensive help file. You can view the help file from within the program by selecting Help from the top menu. You can also simply double click the file XAPosting.chm if you want to read the help without starting the program. I have not posted extensive release notes for this program because most of the information you'll need is in this file.

After you've installed this file, you can download and install the most recent versions of the individual programs by using the links below. Follow the same procedure as above. Skip the shortcut step (the same shortcut should still work) if you are downloading a new version of a program you already have.

Windows Reports v

This is the most recent version of the Windows report program (Aug 2007). It corrects a bug in version that allowed you to start exhibitor statements with a blank (thus generating a long report for unallocated prizes) as well as some problems in the statement and cheque writing programs related to multiple statements for a single exhibitor. This version also allows you to preview exhibitor tags without affecting the print counter. That is, you can preview them and then print them without having to specify reprint on the second pass. The link above is to a self-extracting ZIP file (660 KB).

Windows Posting v

This is the current release of the Windows posting program. If you are using a version prior to, you should download and install this version. You can use this program to add and maintain exhibitor data and to post entry tags. If you are using the new entry tag form, you should attempt to use this program to post the tags. Version adds keyboard shortcuts and corrects a couple of minor bugs, including a spurious error message sometimes generated when adding a new exhibitor. Version corrects a seemingly intractable error that occurs if you scroll past the end of the exhibitor list. The link above is to a self-extracting ZIP file (1.3 MB).


DOS Version of the Program

If you are thinking about buying the program, I strongly urge you to take a look at the trial version of the program first. The trial version is fully functional and I suggest that you set up your files and run one fair with the program before placing an order. This will give you a better idea of whether or not the program will fit your needs.

Before downloading and installing the program, please review the release notes for instructions on how to install the web download.


File Builder Utility

This is a utility program that you can use to create, edit and maintain Clipper database files. If you download this program, be very careful using it with the files required for the Exhibition Accounting program. File Builder includes no relational or integrity rules and it's possible to corrupt your database if you use it to enter invalid or inconsistent information.

Web Link for Entries

A program that you can use to automatically post entries from a web site. The web site must be able to return an XML-formatted list of entries.

Prize Posting Program

A first version of a Windows program for prize posting. Beta testing version - handle with care.

Gate Receipt Management

This is a self-contained program to manage gate receipts. You can use it to set up gate locations, assign gate attendants, track tickets sold and manage cash receipts (including preparation of deposit slips). It's not quite ready for prime-time yet.

(c) Copyright Penpoints, 2006