What's New

July 2006

Uploaded a new version of the print program that fixes a couple of minor bugs.

January 2006

This web site was converted to PHP and is now running on an Apache server. There were one or two hiccups in the transition, so if you notice any broken links or other malfunctions, please report them to me.

August 2004

Uploaded new versions of both the Windows Report program and the Posting program. The report program (v now includes a version of the entries listing by class/section. This report is typically used to check entries as they arrive and was part of the DOS program, but until this release was not available from Windows. The posting program has been modified so you can display and reprint existing entries. This addresses one of the most common complaints about the program. A number of other minor bugs have also been fixed in this release (v

July 2004

Uploaded new versions of both the Windows report program and the posting program. These versions fix a record locking error that could cause one of the programs to lock if an open record was being used by another program or by another user on the network. I've also posted a utility that you can use to open and edit database files directly. Use this utility with great care, because it's possible to corrupt your database if you enter inconsistent or invalid data.

February 2004

I made a mistake creating the ZIP file for the Windows posting program in September. A new corrected copy has now been uploaded. I've also uploaded a new version of the Windows Report Program ( that fixes a minor bug with the range checking when printing tags. Please check the version of your Windows Report program to ensure that you have a release later than In January, 2004 General Fasteners moved its Ontario offices and I now have a new phone number at work: 905 319 0209 x 29.

September 2003

I've posted a new version of the Windows posting program. This version fixes some bugs and adds some features that were identified by early users at Rockton and Ancaster. The most important of these is that the entry posting dialog has been changed so that the Enter key now behaves like the tab key. This means you can post entries single-handed using only the numeric keypad. I've also fixed a problem that caused the program to display an empty error-message if an associate's name was blank. A number of other errors have also been fixed. Thanks to both fairs for their suggestions. The most recent posted version is and you can get a copy from the downloads page.

August 2003

I've discovered and fixed a bug in the Windows reports program that prevents dates from being correctly posted to the statement and cheque register files if the month number or day number is less than 2 digits. For example, a date of 10/25/2003 would have worked correctly on the prior version, but a date of 8/3/2003 would not have posted correctly. This problem should be resolved by the latest version ( You can get a copy of the corrected program from the downloads page.

July 2003

I've posted the first official release of the Windows Report Program that includes a version of entry tags that conform more or less to the sample shown below. I've also posted a preliminary version of a Windows posting program that you can use to post the new entry tag format. You can get copies of both these programs from the downloads page.

February 2003

I am finally ready to release the Windows Report Program. This is the first major enhancement to the program in quite a few years. See the release notes for more information about the program and how you can get a copy from this web site.

I changed jobs on January 1, 2003 and you will need my new contact information if you try and reach me during the day. The good news is that I am no longer commuting to Toronto, so I'll have more time to work on the program (and fiddle with this web site). I hope to make some progress on upgrades and enhancements this year.

I am thinking about putting the names and websites of fairs that use the program on the links page of this site. Let me know what you think about that idea and if you'd object to having your fair's name listed.

Label Example The first major area I want to tackle is entry label printing. It's not easy to use the DOS version to print entry labels, mostly because it required labels to be pre-loaded on a matrix printer (which meant that you had to dedicate the printer to that single function). I saw a laser-printed label at the Paris Fair this year and I am thinking about taking that approach to labels with the Windows version of the program. Labels would be printed 4-up on a perforated sheet of heavy stock. I've included a sample of the Paris label. Note that it's notched at the bottom and scored in the middle (which you can't see on the example) so that it can be folded and fixed to hide the exhibitor's name from judges.

I'm also planning to experiment with a stand-alone Windows posting program to handle posting entries and label printing as part of a single function.

Let me know if you have thoughts or concerns about labels (including whether you would use them if they were available).

I am still experimenting with Windows-based versions of the posting program. I have tried several approaches in the last 3 years and have not been happy with the results. However, the DOS program no longer runs very well under Windows 2000 or Windows XP, so there is more pressure to come up with a Windows based approach. I'll use this space to keep you up to date with my progress.

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