Battle of the Butter Tarts

Get ready to ROLL OUT! Pastry, that is... Do you have Haldimand's Best Butter Tart?

Enter this high-stakes competition for bragging rights and a chance to win up to  $100.00!

Where & When

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 at 3:30pm

on the Riverside Exhibition Centre Stage

The Contest 

Contest is open to two categories of bakers and two style of tarts.

Amateur / Home Bakers - Traditional & Wild

Professional Bakers & Bakeries/ Organizations - Traditional


A butter tart consists of butter, egg, and sugar in a home-made pastry.

Wild tarts consist of the above plus whatever you're imagination can think of!

Traditional tarts can include raisins or nuts.


Prize Money: 1st Place $100, 2nd Place $50, 3rd Place $25

Register Now!

You Can Register online below, or pick up a form from the Fair Office.

There is a $5 entry fee per section which includes 1 free Sunday Fair admission pass.

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2021 Battle of the Butter Tarts Registration


Register now for a chance to win up to $100!

Style(s) of Tart

Rules/ Terms & Conditions

You must bring 3 tarts for judging to the Caledonia Kinsmen Hall on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 between 10:30am and 11:30am.


Judging will commence  at 1pm, and winners will be announced at 3:30pm on the Riverside Exhibition Centre Stage.

Ensure you have submitted your complete mailing address- prize cheques will be mailed.

You may only enter one recipe of tart in each applicable style.

You will be assigned an exhibitor number to ensure judging is impartial.

If you register and pay online you will be emailed a FREE Sunday admission pass to use to enter the Fair on show day. If you register in the office or do not pay online, you will be provided a physical FREE Sunday admission pass to enter the Fair on show day.


Select 'Pay Online' to pay now with a Credit Card or PayPal. A checkout page will open once you click 'Submit Registration' below.


Select 'Pay Later' to send an E-Transfer to, or to pay with debit, cash or a cheque (payable to Caledonia Agricultural Society) at our office. If you select 'Pay Later' your entry will be conditional until payment is made.

Pay Now or Later?

If you are an amateur, you can enter both traditional and wild styles of tarts if you choose. Your entry fee will be $10. If you are a professional baker/ group you can enter only traditional tarts. You can also choose to enter only one style- your entry fee will be $5.

Determine Your Entry Fee

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