Callie's Fair Diary

Away We Go!

One milkshake, coming up!

Lunch at the Berry Patch

I don't want to seem argumentative, but I too thought the stitches on that quilt were rather large.

Pat the Bunny

I probably should have asked this earlier, but this little guy is lap-trained isn't he?

I Meet a Celebrity

Hey, Matt, could you sign that sundae container? Right around the rim would be fine.


This is great. I be it's even more fun if you have opposable thumbs.


Ok, we can do one ride on the kiddie rollercoaster. But only one! I have a delicate constitution.


A Photo Opportunity

Oh, oh. My nose is caught. Could one of you kids give it a push? A gentle push- not a punch!

Gone Fishing

I understand the concept, but if I win what am I going to do with the goldfish?

Entering the Competition

What, no ribbon? I thought with my effervescent personality, we would at lead get Miss Congeniality.

Off My Bucket List

You know, I've always wanted to do this.

And what could go wrong?

Love, Actually

Who would have guessed I'd find it at the Fair- and with a carnie!



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