Ghosts of Famous Poets Haunt Caledonia Fair

Over the years, poetic shades have manifested themselves on the fair grounds and at our events, terrifying school-aged children, English teachers and Ian Thompson. Once in a while they leave behind gruesome missives, scrawled in blood on the back of the arena. Sadly, death has depleted their poetic powers (except for McGonagall who seems, oddly, to have improved) but we include their dire directives here as a warning to those members (Ian!) who might mock the muse.

Remarkably, these disturbing presences sometimes show up in pictures taken by our members. Although revenants can typically be detected only by those schooled in the subtle arts of eidolonatry, if you study these pages carefully you may be able to catch a glimpse of a horribly attenuated poet.

W. H. Auden watches the wrestling

William Blake is appalled by the high school challenge

Emily Dickinson eats the Canada Day freezie

John Donne sees something a little disturbing

T. S. Eliot fails to win first prize for his roses

Robert Frost wonders about the Berry Patch crumbles

Gerard Manley Hopkins gets a ride in a demolition derby car

William McGonagall feels bad about the great Squire McKinnon's barn fire

Robert Service ogles the girls at the Berry Patch Cafe

Dr. Seuss worries that the curly chips may be too fattening

William Shakespeare tries to sneak into the Fair

Dylan Thomas overdoes it at the pie-eating contest

W. B. Yeats loses his lunch on the midway



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