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North Washrooms - Riverside Ex

The north washrooms are functional and beautifully finished. They can be accessed from the Main Floor Hall of the Riverside Exhibition Centre. They can also be accessed from the Fairgrounds without providing inside access to the Riverside Exhibition Centre.

What We Provide:

The washrooms will be unlocked and stocked for use.

Fully accessible showers are available in these washrooms.

What You Provide:

You must sweep the floor & mop any spills. You will also provide security as necessary (for large events as determined by the Lessor). Those who have rented the Fairgrounds and choose to add access to the north washrooms will also need to arrange for cleaning of the washrooms at their cost. 

Full terms and conditions will be provided in the rental agreement.

The north washrooms can be rented only in combination with a Fairgrounds or Riverside Exhibition Centre Main Floor Hall rental. We recommend you contact us to make your booking at-least 1 month prior to your event. We take bookings up to 24 months in advance.

Daily Rental Rate:

North Washroom 2023 & 2024: $110.00

Weekend Rental:

(Friday & Saturday, Saturday & Sunday, or Sunday and Holiday Monday)

North Washroom 2023 & 2024: $200.00

Weekly Rental Rate (Any 5 Days):

North Washroom 2023 & 2024: $400.00

Contact us for pricing on other rental periods.

This pricing does not include access to the lobby area or interior of the Riverside Exhibition Centre.

Rentals are payable by cash, cheque, bank draft, or money order payable to 'Caledonia Agricultural Society,' E-Transfer, or Interac Debit. Since we are a charity, we do not charge HST on rental fees.

To rent the North Washrooms or inquire about pricing, please contact the Caledonia Fair Office.

Phone: (905) 765-6861 or email

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