Pet Show


Saturday, October 2, 2021 - 11 a.m. Stage One
Classes open to boys and girls 14 years of age and under.
No Show Entry Fee - Enter the Day of Show

Animals must be caged or on a leash and kept under control by the exhibitor at all times. The Caledonia Agricultural Society is not responsible for run-a-ways. Rabies Vaccination Certificate Must Be Available Upon Request.

All dogs must remain in the Stage One area before the show begins, and must leave immediately following the show. Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the Fairgrounds during the Fair- except for the Pet Show.

Surprise Draws for Participants - Sponsored by Caledonia Veterinary Clinic.

1. Most Colourful Cat
2. Cat with Longest Tail
3. Dog with Waggiest Tale
4. Dog that Barks on Command
5. Pet and Owner in Matching Costume
6. Pet Tricks (open to all)
7. Pet That Looks Like a Cartoon Character - Who? (open to all)
8. Pet Other than a Dog or a Cat
9. People's Choice - Pride of Pet Show (Special Ribbon Awarded) (Selected from all 1st Prize Winners in Categories 1-8)

Stuffed Pet Show

Follows Pet Show

10. Largest Stuffed Pet.
11. Stuffed Pet Dressed for a Party.
12. Favourite Stuffed Pet (child to tell judges why this pet is their favourite)


1st - $3.00, 2nd - $2.50, 3rd - $2.00, 4th - $1.50, 5th - $1.00