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The Caledonia Agricultural Society was established as a non-profit organization under the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act in 1873. We are Haldimand County's oldest community organization with many member families spanning four or more generations.


While the Fair was originally held on Edinburgh Square, in 1878, with the help of MP David Thompson, the current Fairgrounds were purchased by the Society. It is a common misconception that Haldimand County owns and operates the Fairgrounds and Riverside Exhibition Centre, but the entire facility is owned and operated by the Caledonia Agricultural Society. We pride ourselves on keeping our beautiful riverfront property well groomed and maintained year round, providing a park-like setting which over 150,000 visitors enjoy each year.

In 2018, the Canada Revenue Agency granted the Caledonia Agricultural Society charitable status, allowing us further tools to continue to promote agricultural awareness and education across Haldimand County.

The Caledonia Agricultural Society comprises:

   —  Over 225 Members of all ages

   —  A twenty-five-person board of directors

   —  A nine-person executive

   —  A full-time general manager

   —  A full-time office assistant

   —  Four part-time custodians

The Society Membership elect the board of directors and executive positions each January at the Annual General Meeting. The general manager, under the leadership of the executive and board of directors, oversees the day-to-day operations of the Society. The office assistant provides administrative support to the general manager.

2024 Executive

Doug Townson, Past President

Wendy Makey, President

Jodie Easson, 1st Vice-President

Dave Murray, 2nd Vice-President

Lori Pyle, Treasurer

Ian D. Thompson, General Manager (ex officio)

Lisa Liegler, Homecraft Past President

Beth Wise, Homecraft President

Linda Jongerden, Homecraft Vice-President

2024 Board of Directors

Three Year Term

Jamie Daglish

Pam Douglas

Dawna Ebert

Katherine Hedley

Renee Hedley

Doug Murphy

Doug Townson

Patti Zadanyi

Two Year Term

Janice Boyter

Jessica Easson

Lindsey Farrell-Johnson

Linda Fisher

Allan Hedley

Wendy Makey

Dave Murray

Tyler Wilkieson

One Year Term

Jan Cranston

Jodie Easson

Neil Hedley

Lorraine Johnson

Paul Makey

Mark Peart

Lori Pyle

Bryan Wilkieson

Ex officio

Ian D. Thompson, General Manager

Mission Statement

To provide a venue to educate, entertain, enrich the agricultural experience and showcase accomplishments and opportunities.

Vision Statement

Sustainability through reflection, innovation, relevance and community collaboration.

Core Values

The health and well-being of the Caledonia Agricultural Society is achieved through a balanced application of its core values. It is the expectation that these core values will be used in the everyday practices of the organization.

  • Inclusivity

  • Education

  • Agricultural Awareness

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Striving for Excellence

  • Relevance to the Community

  • Stewardship

Benefits of Fair Membership

It's not all work! When you join the Agricultural Society you become part of the "fair family", a dynamic group of over 225 members. You will learn new skills, make lasting friendships and add to the vibrancy of the community.

Other benefits include:

  • Complimentary admission to the Fair

  • Access to special members-only fair apparel

  • Invitation to our annual Fair Banquet and appreciation evening

  • Discounts on rentals of the Riverside Exhibition Centre

  • After your first year as a member, you become eligible to vote at the AGM in January

Membership Requirements:

  • Annual Membership Fee of $20 for those over 18, and $10 for those under 18

  • Attend at least two of the four general meetings (held the last Thursday of January, April, August, and October each year)

  • Join at least one of the many committees.

  • Volunteer a minimum of 8-hours during the Fair in addition to any committee work

  • Sell 50/50 Fair Draw tickets to family and friends

Activities throughout the year include a variety of work-bees and:

  • Banquet, luncheon, and funeral catering

  • Riverside Eatery Scoops

  • Annual Spring Bash Concert

  • Victoria Day Fireworks

  • Fair Ambassador Competition

  • Creepy Caledonia Ghost Tours

  • Halloween Dance

  • Breakfast with Santa

  • Caledonia Christmas Market

In addition to volunteering during the Fair, members are required to volunteer a minimum of 8-hours at another fundraiser or event.

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