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Kitchen Only Rentals

Kitchen Only Rentals are the perfect opportunity for start-ups, small businesses, and home-based businesses to prepare their food products in a government inspected facility. The Commercial Kitchen is an ideal space for cooking classes and demonstrations.

The Caledonia Fairgrounds is home to two government inspected kitchens which are available for short-term rentals: The Commercial Kitchen in the Riverside Exhibition Centre and the Kinsmen Hall Kitchen.


The possibilities are endless in these multi-functional spaces!

The Commercial Kitchen- Riverside Ex. Centre


Cooking Equipment

The Commercial Kitchen features two 10-burner, 2-oven gas ranges, two large stockpot gas ranges, a gas cabinet-convection oven, a 36-inch natural gas griddle, and two 40-lb gas deep-fat fryers. The cooking equipment is covered by an automatic ventilation hood which is professionally cleaned and certified twice per year. The area is protected by an automatic fire suppression system which is inspected annually.

Preparation Area

Two massive stainless steel prep-counters act as islands down the centre of the kitchen. A convenient hand-washing sink is located in the west island and on the south wall. The kitchen is outfitted with an automatic commercial conveyor dishwasher.


The Commercial Kitchen features a reach-in refrigerator and a reach-in freezer. The adjoining bar also features a walk-in cooler and an ice-maker which are available on request. 

Internet Connectivity

The Riverside Exhibition Centre is connected to a state-of-the-art 100% fiber optic network. Enjoy simultaneous 1gbps upload and download speeds via Cat6 wired ethernet connections, or connect to a reliable high-speed WiFi 6 wireless network. Internet access is free for the duration of your rental.

Clean & Conditioned Air

The Commercial Kitchen features an air-exchange system which constantly mixes fresh, treated air into the facility. The room is heated and air conditioned. You will be able to make adjustments +/- 5 degrees to the thermostat during your rental to ensure personal comfort. 

Washroom & Locker Room

The Commercial kitchen has a private locker room area and staff washroom.

Electrical Connections

The Commercial Kitchen is outfitted with standard 20-amp circuits on the perimeter walls and built-in to the stainless steel islands in the centre of the kitchen.

The Kinsmen Hall Kitchen


Cooking Equipment

The Kinsmen Hall Kitchen includes two 5-burner natural gas ranges, and a microwave.

Preparation Area

The Kinsmen Hall has ample counter space and is roomy enough to bring in a folding table or portable island for additional space if necessary.


The Kinsmen Hall Kitchen has two standard single-door refrigerators one of which features a top-freezer.



Commercial Kitchen



$40.00 per hour (minimum 1-hour)- includes access to preparation area, refrigeration, and two 10-burner ranges, convection oven, and stockpot burners only.


$300.00 per day- Up to 12 hours- includes access to preparation area, refrigeration, and two 10-burner ranges, convection oven, and stockpot burners only.


Deep Fryers- $50.00/each

Griddle- $50.00

Dishwasher- $100.00

Kinsmen Hall Kitchen



$15.00 per hour (minimum 1-hour)


$100.00 per day- Up to 12 hours


Commercial Kitchen


Commercial Kitchen


Commercial Kitchen


Commercial Kitchen


Kinsmen Hall Kitchen


Kinsmen Hall Kitchen

If you have a longer need for kitchen space please contact us for custom pricing.
Charities and non-profit organizations may be eligible for discounted rates.

Facility rentals are HST exempt. HST No. 106829849 RT0001.

A $150.00 security/damage deposit will be collected for all kitchen only rentals-

-see your rental agreement for terms and conditions.


Kinsmen Hall


Riverside Ex. Centre

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