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Grand Hall - Riverside Exhibition Centre

The Grand Hall is a 14,000 sq. ft. facility perfect for banquets, parties, weddings, festivals, theatre performances, dance recitals, sporting events, trade shows, and conferences. The hall is accessible from a functional lobby area with multiple entry points from the Fairgrounds and parking lots. A large overhead door at the west end of the building allows for vehicle access for loading into the facility. The Main Hall has a total capacity of up to 1250 people. The Grand Hall also features a robust theatre and production Stage which can be added to compliment your Grand Hall rental. An attractive mezzanine level accessible from the Hall or the Lobby can be added (for an additional fee) to provide additional seating and space during your event.


Sound System

The Grand Hall has a dedicated, robust sound system featuring speakers and subwoofers suitable for voice announcements, conference presentations, theatre productions, and recorded music. The system is not designed for live music performances. An easy to operate input panel allows you to utilize wired or wireless microphones, and inputs for XLR, and 1/8" stereo (aux cables). Advanced users can patch in or out from the system. You can also request an operator from our recommended sound production company to assist you with more complex input requirements for an additional fee. You are also welcome to bring your own sound system.

Electrical Access

The Grand Hall has a dedicated 200amp service which you can utilize to have an electrician connect theatre and television production or live music equipment without the worry of tripped breakers or overloaded circuits. Panels are conveniently located on the stage or the west or north walls. Standard 20amp receptacles are available every 2.5 feet on the walls of the Grand Hall and across the front of the stage. Additional 20amp outlets are suspended from the ceiling on retractable lines so you can avoid having to use extension cords.

Internet Access

The Riverside Exhibition Centre is connected to a state-of-the-art 100% fiber optic network. Enjoy simultaneous 1gbps upload and download speeds via Cat6 wired ethernet connections located on the rear wall of the stage and at the centre of the Grand Hall, or connect to a reliable high-speed Wi-Fi 6 wireless network. Provide a dedicated, branded Wi-Fi network for event guests with unlimited usage for an additional $75 fee. IP Phone and Cable Television are also available for an additional fee- contact us for information and pricing.

Digital Lighting Controller

A digital lighting controller allows you to set lighting patterns and brightness during your event.

Clean & Conditioned Air

The Grand Hall features a heat-exchange system which treats fresh outside air which mixes with the recirculated air to ensure a clean and healthy environment. The Hall is heated and air conditioned, and renters can adjust the thermostat by five degrees in either direction for personal comfort. Large ceiling fans operate silently to move and circulate air through the Hall.

Tables and Chairs

Grand Hall rentals include the use of up to 30 8-foot length rectangular folding tables, up to 10 high-top bar tables, and up to 300 black stacking chairs. We can assist you in renting additional tables and chairs, linens, and other decor items through our rental partners, or you are welcome to rent your own items. Up to 30 72-inch round banquet tables are available for an additional fee (see additional items below).

Kitchen & Bar Space

If you require kitchen space, our Commercial Kitchen or Concession Kitchen may be available to meet your needs. We also have a functional Bar with a service window to the Grand Hall which includes an ice maker, drink mixing stations, and a versatile walk-in cooler. Kitchens and bar space are available for an additional fee.

Additional Items

We can provide a number of add-on items for an additional fee to help make your event or production successful.

Some of the most commonly used items include:

35mm film projector and screen (+$50)

8mm/ Super 8mm film projector and screen (+$50)

Digital projector and screen (+$20)

Podium (no charge)

Digital LED Display (+$50)

Pipe & Drape 12' H (+$3/ft)

Pair of Powered Speakers with XLR, 1/8" stereo/aux input, FM radio, and bluetooth (+$50/pair)

Up to 30 72-inch round banquet tables ($15/each)

Cloth Chair Covers with ties in various colours ($3/each)

Place settings- dinner plates, salad bowls, dessert plates, wine glasses, etc. (contact for pricing)

Flatware & serving utensils (contact for pricing)

Cloth napkins in various colours ($0.50/each)

Rental Information

All Grand Hall rentals require:

1) A signed rental agreement

2) A 50% non-refundable booking deposit

3) A $1,000.00 security deposit, refundable provided no damage is caused during your event

4) Proof of commercial liability insurance with a minimum of $2million coverage. 

We’ve partnered with Duuo to give our event hosts access to a preferred rate on coverage. To get a quote and purchase a policy, click HERE. Don’t forget to look out for the “Duuo Partner” tag when purchasing!

5) Other items as described in the rental agreement


We recommend that you contact us at least 6-8 months ahead of your event date to secure availability. We take bookings up to 24 months in advance.

Daily Rental Rate (Weekdays)

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

2023: $625.00

2024: $625.00

Daily Rental Rate (Weekend Days)

Available Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, or Holidays

2023: $1,250.00

2024: $1,250.00

Weekend Rental Rate

Available Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, or Sunday & Holiday Monday)

2023: $2,250.00

2024: $2,250.00

Weekly Rental Rate

Available Monday-Thursday

2023: $2,300.00

2024: $2,300.00

Booking Deposit, Balance, and Security Deposit payments are payable by cash, cheque, bank draft, or money order payable to 'Caledonia Agricultural Society,' Interac E-Transfer, or Interac Debit. Rentals of our facility are HST exempt.

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