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Christmas Market Vendors

The Caledonia Christmas Market is a great place to share your product with the world!

The Basics

The Caledonia Christmas Market takes place the last Saturday of November each year. We expect our vendors and concessions to be set up and ready to sell from 11:00am - 4:00pm

Retail & Food Concessions

You have a choice between an indoor concession space, or an outdoor concession space. Grand Hall Inside spaces are 10' x 10' at a cost of $100.00 +HST ($113.00). Mutual Room Inside Spaces are 8' x 8' at a cost of $75 +HST ($84.75).  You can purchase multiple spaces to lengthen your available frontage.  We accept applications for retail and pre-packaged food sales. We do not accept food trucks or trailers for this event.

Other Details

We include access to electricity to all of our concessions. Garbage and recycling is processed on-site. HST is added to the total cost of each concession space. If you require more than a single 15amp circuit, additional charges may apply. You will need to provide the amperage and voltage plus the connection (plug type) you will require for electrical access when you complete the application.

Insurance Suggestions

Don't already have insurance? Backed by The Co-operators, Duuo provides Canadians with affordable vendor insurance that can be purchased in just a few clicks! Our vendors will enjoy exclusive rates on the cost of Duuo’s vendor insurance for the upcoming event. To get a free quote please Click Here.

Ready to apply for a Christmas Market vendor space? Fill out the form below.

If you're approved, we'll reach out and provide the forms you'll need to fill out to complete the process.

Christmas Market Vendor Registration 

Please fill out the form below. If you're approved, we'll reach out and send you a link

to finish the application process and make your payment.

Thank you! We'll be in touch if you're approved.

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