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SEPTEMBER 26, 27, 28, 29, 2024


Our Accessibility Policy

As an educational and entertainment organization, the Caledonia Agricultural Society (CAS) and Caledonia Fair believe that all persons, irrespective of disabilities or limitation, are equal and deserving of hospitality, dignity, respect, and to the extent possible, access to goods and services provided by CAS. In light of this commitment, CAS recognizes the diverse needs of all Constituents and strives to provide services and facilities that are accessible to all.

On the basis of this policy, CAS will promote accessibility by implementing practices and procedures which take into consideration people with disabilities, CAS will ensure that practises and procedures related to accessibility will, to the extent possible, address integration, independence, dignity, and equal opportunity.

Accessibility Highlights

  • Our Exhibition Hall is fully accessible with accessible washrooms for both men and women. The family washroom is equipped with a baby change station.

  • Our washroom located on the grounds is not currently accessible, but a portable accessible washroom is provided at that location during the fair.

  • Although we have very limited on-site parking during the fair, parking on the fairgrounds is reserved for people with limited mobility.

  • Staff, ticket takers and on-site accessibility volunteers receive training on providing accessible service.

  • To the extent possible, communication is conducted in a manner that takes into consideration a person's disability.

  • Prior notice will be provided by CAS for any admission fees applicable to support persons who accompany persons with disabilities. For the fair itself, persons with disabilities who require a support person and one support person are admitted free of charge.

  • Notice will be provided when it is known that facilities or services that people with disabilities rely on to access services are disrupted.

  • Persons with disabilities accompanied by service animals are permitted in those areas of the premises owned or operated by CAS that are open to the public, and where possible, in third party facilities utilized by CAS for its programs and services.

  • Whenever possible, persons with disabilities are allowed to use their own personal assistive devices to obtain, use, or benefit from the services offered by CAS.

Our Complete Accessibility Policy Document

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